🖨️📈🌐Printing Pioneers: Embracing Microsoft’s Universal Print in 2024


The article from the Windows IT Pro Blog details Microsoft’s Universal Print, a cloud-based printing solution designed to simplify and secure the printing experience for both IT professionals and end-users. Here are the highlights:

  1. Simplified Cloud-Based Management: Universal Print allows for easy registration and management of printers through the Azure Portal, reducing the need for on-premises infrastructure​​.
  2. Enhanced Cross-Platform Support: With added macOS support, Universal Print now caters to mixed device environments, enabling users to print from any macOS application without driver installations​​.
  3. Convenient Pull Printing: Users can print from any device to any corporate printer without pre-selecting a printer, enhancing mobility and convenience​​.
  4. Delegated Administration: Print administrators can assign management permissions for printers, aiding in decentralized control​​.
  5. Improved Troubleshooting: The Universal Print portal now offers detailed job tracking and self-help troubleshooting guidance​​.
  6. Secure Release Functionality: Ensures that print jobs are collected by the right person, reducing waste and enhancing security​​.
  7. Government Compliance: Available in Government Community Clouds with full feature parity and compliance with U.S. government certifications​​.
  8. Inclusive Print Job Licensing: Microsoft 365 subscriptions now include an increased number of print jobs per month, shared across the organization​​.
  9. Cloud Transition: Universal Print supports the shift to the cloud, allowing secure and easy printing from anywhere​​.

For an in-depth understanding of how Universal Print is transforming cloud printing, making it accessible, secure, and universal, read the full article on the Windows IT Pro Blog here.

Greg Walters, Head Writer