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July 13, 2023


Copier Sales: Multiplying Success with LinkedIn’s Creator Mode

Press ‘copy’ on success strategies – LinkedIn dials up the volume on copier sales

Source: HP

As the digital marketplace swells, copier salespeople can tap into the unique power of LinkedIn’s Creator Mode to elevate their sales. This often under-utilized feature of LinkedIn puts your profile into overdrive by highlighting your content, significantly enhancing its visibility amongst your network and a wider audience.

The fundamental key to copier sales success, much like any sales venture, is forging an aura of trusted authority. To this end, the strategic use of Creator Mode can metamorphose the sales trajectory for copier sales professionals. It allows them to manifest their niche expertise vividly and engage their target audience effectively, thus laying the foundation for potential clients to acknowledge their command in the field. 

Click here for simple tips on getting started with LinkedIn Creator Mode.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer

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Unmasking the Privacy Policies of Popular Printing Services

From Tax Forms to Love Letters: Is Your Printer the Newest Digital Snoop?

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As you know, the age of digital file-sharing and intrusive business practices from printing manufacturers has shifted the purchasing processes of businesses and households. With a number of users leveraging local printing services instead of owning printers, potential privacy issues arise. Major OEMs utilizing mobile apps and cloud-based storage have opportunities to collect personal data, leaving consumers concerned about their privacy.

While services like the New York Public Library and PrintWithMe ensure they don’t store file content, or at least delete it daily, others such as Canon, FedEx, and Staples have been less transparent about their privacy practices.

In light of the ongoing and evolving remote work environment, helping your customers understand the risks around using outside and OEM-centric print solutions will set you apart. Indeed, for you personally, there isn’t a more apparent example of reading “the writing on the wall” when it comes to predicting our industry’s future.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer

Work Trends

Executives Challenge Work-From-Home Enthusiasts

The Office Calls: From the corner office to remote workers, our coffee machine misses you.

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As the office occupancy rate dips below 50% in ten major U.S. cities, company executives are throwing down the gauntlet. Over 600,000 employees impacted by new return-to-office mandates are finding their work-from-home preferences increasingly challenged by their bosses.  

“The office isn’t just a building, it’s an ecosystem,” stated William McNamara, a hiring manager based in Bellevue, Washington. As quoted by The Wall Street Journal, he argues that remote work, despite its comfort and convenience, fails to foster the team productivity inherent in an office environment. “There’s a dynamism in face-to-face interactions that just can’t be replicated remotely,” McNamara said.

While employees proclaim that their individual productivity is heightened when working from home, executives are sounding a warning bell, signaling a broader concern: a decline in overall team productivity. They contend that an office environment cultivates a unique working dynamic and fosters casual interactions that build culture and camaraderie while ultimately benefitting the company and individual careers alike.

Executives are trying to strike a delicate balance between upholding the positives of remote work while reintegrating employees back into the office. But the consensus from the corner offices seems to be clear—if employees want to be part of the team and their career growth, showing up is non-negotiable.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer

Work Trends

Navigating the Productivity Paradox

How 2023 is Redefining Work

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In its State of Work Report for 2023, Slack explored critical challenges for modern organizations: productivity, automation, and flexibility. Its survey of over 18,000 global desk workers unveiled outdated work methods, misalignment between employers and employees, and barriers to productivity.

Traditional definitions of productivity are proving problematic. Many workers associate “productivity” with excessive workloads and stress, often focusing on demonstrating effort rather than delivering results. The survey found that current productivity metrics emphasize input factors (time, resources) over output (goal achievement, revenue generation).

Flexibility in work schedules is a top priority for employees in the era of hybrid work. However, flexibility is not a carte blanche for employees to define their schedules and locations. Effective flexibility involves intentional policy-making, accounting for factors such as team synchronicity, task-specific requirements, and work setting.

The question for the copier industry is multi-pronged: how do we implement the new way of work, how can we advise our clients in the new way of work, AND how do we create sustainable revenue models based on more than copiers? Nothing new there.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer

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