🌿 TD SYNNEX Integrates Epson Devices Into OpenMPS Managed Print Service


Epson Meets OpenMPS: When Print Goes Green and Genius!

TD SYNNEX’s recent announcement highlights the integration of Epson A3 office print devices into its OpenMPS managed print service. This move is indicative of the evolving landscape of managed print services, where the emphasis is not only on efficiency but also on ecological considerations. With the integration, partners have the capability to offer automated cartridge replacement and on-site warranty cover.

A notable feature of this integration is @Epson’s Heat-Free inkjet technology, which aims to provide energy and waste-saving benefits. OpenMPS is designed to allow partners to oversee their end customers’ printing devices, whether they are situated in professional settings or home environments. The service offers features like automated shipments of supplies and monitoring of print devices through an app.

@James Reed, managing director at TD SYNNEX, comments on the potential of this enhancement in the context of the managed print services industry. The article provides an objective look at how such integrations might influence the future trajectory of managed print services.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer