🏢OTT This Week: HP, Lexmark, and the Future of Hybrid Workspaces🖨️


September 28, 2023 – Office Tech Tap Newsletter

The Office Tech Tap newsletter for September 28, 2023, brings to light several intriguing developments in the office technology sector:

  • HP Work Relationship Index: A recent study by HP revealed that only 27% of knowledge workers feel they have a healthy relationship with their job. The findings suggest that the majority of the global workforce is struggling with their connection to work. The potential of Office Technology is not just about providing tools but also about reshaping work relationships.
  • Lexmark, Static Control, and More: A perplexing lawsuit has emerged involving Lexmark, Static Control, and a surprising group of defendants, including tech giants, global organizations, and even a yogurt brand. The details of this lawsuit have piqued the interest of many.
  • Personalized Print Solutions: MyQ offers secure print and scan solutions tailored to individual needs, aiming to enhance both digital and traditional workplaces.
  • Quiz on Workplace Evolution: The newsletter includes a quiz that tests readers’ knowledge about the factors influencing the modern workplace’s evolution. Topics covered include the rise of the gig economy, the impact of the internet on remote work, the popularity of coworking spaces, the intent behind open office layouts, and recent trends in workplace wellness.
  • Guide for MPS Salespeople: As the world transitions from paper to digital, Managed Print Services (MPS) salespeople play a crucial role. An article by Quocirca delves into this transformation, highlighting the changing role of print in our digital age.
  • Future of Hybrid Work: A debate is brewing about the future of hybrid work. The discussion revolves around the potential of augmented realities and virtual tools to address the challenges of combining remote and in-office work. The question remains: Can technology provide the solutions needed, or will challenges persist?
  • The IRC News: The newsletter touches on various news items, including the Frontier Airlines CEO’s criticism of the work-from-home culture, insights from Zoom on bringing employees back to the office, the City of Palo Alto’s journey to a paperless office, and Toshiba’s latest offerings.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer