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June 29, 2023


Words From the OEM

Opportunity or Threat?

Source: HP

Sometimes working it old school, well, actually works.

Change is brewing at HP, again. In an enlightening and thrill-packed Wall Street Journal interview, CEO Enrique Lores speaks to a familiar direction for HP.

First up is HP’s pivot from a transactional business model to a service-based one – enter subscription plans. The goal is simple yet ambitious: foster deeper ties with customers by offering comprehensive services rather than standalone products. We know about ink, toner, and paper, but the grand plan includes printers and PCs, too. HP is already experimenting with this model with its Instant Ink Platinum service that includes a printer, along with ink, for a set monthly fee.

Lores sees AI as a game-changer that will revolutionize the PC business in the next two years. On the manufacturing front, Lores envisions a shift from the prevalent globalized model to regional hubs. This means moving production from Asia to North America and potentially Europe, enhancing supply chain resilience post-pandemic.

In all of this, Lores emphasizes the importance of agility. He wants HP to be as nimble and adaptable as a young startup, ready to pivot as needed. For me, the brightest path is lined with AI-Compatible devices. You should be establishing relationships today to cash in on the PC revolution of tomorrow.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer

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Artificial Intelligence: A Phantom Menace for Cybersecurity

Are AI-Powered Cyber Threats a Storm in the Cloud, or Just Vaporware?

Source: Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way into our daily lives, transforming office technology and modern society. We have AI-powered personal assistants, cars, and even AI doctors. As the field continues to evolve, it’s also carving out a niche in the dark corners of the digital world – cybersecurity.

Ryan Kalember, the EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint, offered a more nuanced perspective on this issue during his recent talk at RSA 2023. Drawing on his extensive experience dealing with cyber threats, Kalember paints a picture that is both encouraging and cautionary.

The threat landscape is undoubtedly transforming, with hackers persistently seeking to gain the upper hand. Now, artificial intelligence – the same technology behind Siri and Alexa – is being eyed as a potential tool for future cyberattacks. We’re talking about deep fakes, AI-altered videos, or audio that mimic real individuals to near perfection. The idea of deep fakes being used for malicious purposes sounds like a plot from a science fiction novel. And, as per Kalember, it might remain in the realm of fiction for a while longer.

Why? Simply put, it boils down to the cost. Creating convincing deep fakes or other AI-empowered threats requires a hefty amount of resources and an advanced skill set. This, Kalember suggests, makes them an unrealistic option for most cyber criminals. It’s not an AI apocalypse yet; everyday hacking techniques are still king.

After all, it’s not the robots – or the AI – we should be worried about, but rather, the humans behind them.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer


ChatGPT & Your AI Strategy

Are We Just Pawns in This Game?

Source: Unsplash

“What’s our ChatGPT move?” you ask. Well, let’s break it down, because this isn’t just about cool tech toys; it’s more like chess.

Picture this: ChatGPT, that word-wizard that’s become the belle of the AI ball, is just one pawn in your arsenal. It’s got potential, oh sure, but it’s only part of a bigger picture – an ensemble of pieces on your strategic chessboard.

Here’s the kicker: these language learning models (LLMs) are just summarizing and regurgitating information in fancy ways. They’re smart parrots, not original thinkers. So while they’re great at generating and navigating through info, they aren’t the gurus. That’s you, the human, who is charged with validating information and keeping it in check.

Leaders, don’t get swept up in the current, chasing the latest shiny object. This isn’t a game of tic-tac-toe; it’s 4D chess. It’s about shaping your vision and crafting a strategy around it; vision first, strategy next.

Use LLMs and their tech kin not as the crux of your strategy, but as tools that can help your vision come to life. The point isn’t just to move a pawn, it’s to dominate the board.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer

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