📉🤝🔎Shifting Priorities in the Office Technology Industry: Insights from the 38th Annual Dealer Survey


Adapting to Change: Understanding the Evolving Concerns in Office Tech

The 38th Annual Dealer Survey from The Cannata Report highlights key concerns in the office technology dealership industry. Here are the main highlights:

  1. Declining Print Clicks: For the fourth consecutive year, declining print clicks is the top concern, noted by 36% of dealers. This is an 18% decrease from the previous year, possibly due to a shift in focus beyond print technology, influenced by the pandemic and hybrid work environments​​.
  2. Hiring and Retention: This issue ranks as the second most significant concern, with a 29% mention, a decrease from the previous year. The decline in concern may relate to adjustments post the “Great Resignation” and changes in staffing strategies​​.
  3. Competition from Manufacturers’ Direct Branches: Ranked third, this concern has decreased to 16% from 30% last year, suggesting improved relations or lessened tensions between dealers and manufacturers​​.
  4. Maintaining Profitability and Diversifying Offerings: These areas round out the top five concerns, with profitability being noted by 11% of dealers, down from 40% last year, and diversifying offerings by 8%, which is a growing concern compared to previous years​​​​.
  5. OEM-Specific Concerns: Different OEMs exhibit varying levels of concern, with Ricoh dealers being least concerned about declining clicks and Canon dealers being the most concerned. Diversification concerns vary among OEMs as well, indicating diverse strategies and market positions​​.
  6. Future Outlook: The survey anticipates that hiring and retention will remain a top concern. Efforts like job fairs and collaborations, such as with the Mariano Rivera Foundation, are highlighted as part of the industry’s response to these challenges​​.

In summary, the survey reveals a shifting landscape in the office technology dealership industry, with a notable decline in concern over declining print clicks and an increasing focus on diversification and maintaining profitability. The industry seems to be adapting to changing market conditions, with different OEMs taking varied approaches to these challenges.

Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving concerns in the office technology dealership sector by reading the full survey analysis at The Cannata Report here.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer