🔄 Transforming the Copier Industry: A3 🖨️ Dominance, Managed IT 💻 & MPS 🌱 Evolution in 2023 📅

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September 14, 2023


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The Printer Paradox: A3 Soars as A4 Snores in Q2 2023

When it comes to printers, size does matter—but maybe not in the way you think

In a stunning twist, Q2 2023 saw A3 printers outperforming their A4 counterparts in sales, defying industry expectations.

Amidst economic pressures and digital transformation, what does this anomaly mean for the future of the printer market?

Dive into our in-depth analysis to uncover the factors behind "The Printer Paradox."

AI is revolutionizing the way we think about time management, shifting the focus from mere task completion to “time curation.”

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- Greg Walters, Head Writer

Transforming IT Sales from Transactions to Trusted Partnerships
Turning Tech Jargon into Trusted Partnerships: The New Blueprint for Selling Managed IT Services

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In a freshly published article, the intricacies of selling managed IT services in today's cutthroat market are dissected.

To succeed, providers need to shift from being mere vendors to becoming educators and guardians for their clients.

The article provides a comprehensive blueprint that stresses the importance of focusing on long-term value metrics like ROI and TCO, understanding client pain points, and building transparent relationships.

Gone are the days of the cold call; replaced by a consultative approach that hinges on meaningful dialogue and thorough preparation. A must-read for anyone in technology sales.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer

Not Just Ink and Paper: How Managed Print Services Are Writing Their Future in the Digital Age

Discover the Untold Story of MPS: Where Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability Are Printing a New Chapter in Business Tech

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Think the world has gone entirely digital? Think again.

In our latest issue of The Office Tech Tap, Greg Walters dives into the dynamic realm of Managed Print Services (MPS), an industry far from its twilight years and instead embroiled in a fascinating saga of digital transformation and adaptation. Uncover the surprising gap between IT decision-makers clinging to paper-reliant practices and a youthful workforce clamoring for a digitized, paperless environment.

Explore how innovators like MyQ are reimagining MPS, extending its capabilities from mere printing to advanced document management and workflow optimization. Discover how Artificial Intelligence promises to elevate MPS to new levels of efficiency and sustainability.

With a global market projected to grow to a staggering $63.35 billion by 2028, MPS is not only surviving in the digital age but evolving to redefine its place in the business ecosystem.

Read on to grasp why, in the world of MPS, the last chapter is far from written.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer

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