🖨️ 💼Deep Dive: MyQ’s Partnership Revolution in Managed Print Services


Empowering Dealers, Redefining Service – How MyQ is Changing the MPS Game with Collaborative Success:

I’ve been creating ‘ecosystems’ in the managed print and IT services niche since 2008.  My goal is to align multiple resources and organizations with my company’s or clients’ business goals.  The process is akin to developing a supply chain with one exception – to successfully bring a solution to market, I am required to coordinate multiple chains as one.  This proved problematic and at times was not dissimilar to herding cats.

I incorporate multiple, evaluation, “check boxes” when it comes to selecting my partners – which brings me to MyQ.

I’ve found MyQ to be innovative, customer centric and dealer friendly.  Three primary and supporting principals needed to make the team and bring a sustainable practice to market. – GRW

After reading the article, you will understand three key aspects:

  1. MyQ’s Unique Partnership Approach: You will learn how MyQ stands out in the MPS industry through its focus on building strong, collaborative relationships with its dealers, rather than just a transactional business model.
  2. Comprehensive Support and Training for Dealers: The article highlights MyQ’s commitment to empowering its dealers through extensive training programs, ensuring they are well-equipped as both salespeople and consultants.
  3. MyQ’s Commitment to Sustainability and Technological Excellence: You will gain insight into MyQ’s efforts in promoting sustainable printing practices and its technological advancements, exemplified by products like MyQ X.Top of Form

In our always turbulent world of Managed Print Services (MPS), MyQ emerges as a distinct player.

The company’s journey is not just a tale of technological innovation, but a narrative rooted in fostering partnerships, particularly with dealers, reshaping the typical business dynamics in the MPS industry.

MyQ’s approach to dealer relationships is refreshingly unconventional. In an industry often dominated by a transactional mindset, MyQ has embraced a philosophy that sees dealers as more than just conduits for product distribution. They are partners in a collective journey towards growth and innovation.

Integral to this partnership model are MyQ’s dealer-centric programs. Far from being mere incentives, these programs – including the Partner Development Program, Best Buy Test Program, and Sales Incentive Program – are lifelines that empower dealers. They are carefully crafted to equip dealers with tools and strategies to conquer the market and achieve profitability.

Training and education form a critical pillar of MyQ’s dealer empowerment strategy. In the world of MyQ, dealers are not mere salespeople; they are experts and consultants. Through comprehensive training and certification, MyQ ensures its dealers are well-equipped not just to sell but to solve, advise, and guide their clients. This approach elevates the dealer’s role, transforming them from product pushers to trusted advisors.

The role of Michal Deml, the Pre-Sales Manager at MyQ, exemplifies this approach. Responsible for sales support, product training, and presentations, Deml’s tasks extend globally, reflecting MyQ’s commitment to thorough knowledge sharing and effective partner communication. His role in updating and creating content for MyQ’s e-training portal demonstrates the importance MyQ places on equipping partners with comprehensive understanding and advocacy skills for MyQ’s solutions.

MyQ is a tech company at its core. The technological prowess of MyQ’s offerings powers its partnership strategy. For example, MyQ X, is a byword for excellence in print management. It’s not just any product; it’s one that’s bagged the Platinum Seal from Buyers Lab three years in a row. This isn’t just a shiny badge; it’s a trust signal, a mark of quality and reliability that dealers can proudly parade to their clients.

Sustainability is another arena where MyQ is making big strides. In today’s world, where the green footprint of businesses is as scrutinized as their financial bottom lines, MyQ’s eco-friendly print solutions are a boon. These aren’t just features; they’re a statement – a statement that says MyQ cares about the planet. This eco-conscious approach gives dealers an extra edge in a market that’s increasingly leaning towards sustainable choices.

Ease of deployment is another area where MyQ shines. By optimizing its software for various printer models, such as Sharp OSA® multifunctional printers, MyQ has made life easier for its dealers. This ease of deployment translates to less headache and more business for the dealers, a win-win in every sense.

Looking into the future, MyQ’s vision involves a robust network of dealers, expanded market horizons, and a relentless drive for innovation. The company is geared up not just to increase its reach but to deepen and strengthen the fabric of partnerships that form the core of its business model.

In a global yet locally nuanced strategy, MyQ’s approach is carefully tailored to resonate across various regions. This adaptability ensures that MyQ is not just a global brand but a locally relevant and impactful one.

MyQ’s emphasis on education as a cornerstone of their partnership strategy is evident in their comprehensive training programs, ensuring dealers are not only adept in utilizing their products but are also well-versed in the latest industry trends and technologies.

MyQ’s journey in MPS is a story of how strategic collaborations, a focus on empowering partners, and a commitment to innovation create a powerful impact. Their partnership-driven ethos resonates with orchestrating multiple chains as one, turning the herculean task of ‘herding cats’ into a symphony of collaborative success.

MyQ has not just checked the boxes but is part of a masterfully crafted harmonious ecosystem where every element plays its part, mirroring the finesse required in guiding those independent-minded cats.

I had been closely observing MyQ’s progress long before formally partnering with them as a media entity. Their team’s expertise and capabilities impressed me, leading me to regard them as a vital component of my Managed Print Services (MPS) Ecosystem, and a team I would confidently integrate into any of my MPS practices. – GRW

Greg Walters, Head Writer