🤨January 4 Quiz 🦾


🎓 Test Your Knowledge: The Office Tech Tap Quiz! 🎓

  1. What cultural issue within Toshiba is attributed to its downfall?
    • A) Overemphasis on international expansion
    • B) Lack of technological innovation
    • C) Culture of conformity and yes-men
    • D) Overinvestment in outdated technology
  2. What significant corporate event marked a turning point for Toshiba after years of decline?
    • A) Merging with another tech giant
    • B) Launching a new line of consumer electronics
    • C) Delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
    • D) Rebranding the company
  3. According to the narrative, what is crucial for businesses in today’s fast-evolving corporate landscape?
    • A) Focusing solely on competition
    • B) Balancing competition with collaboration and strategic foresight
    • C) Ignoring market trends and focusing on traditional methods
    • D) Cutting costs in all departments