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July 20, 2023


Xerox’s Steve Bandrowczak: A Lesson for All Copier Dealers

Turning In-House Triumphs into Client Success Stories

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Regardless of whether or not you sell Xerox, there’s a heck of a lot to learn from how they’re conducting business these days.

Xerox is setting a powerful example in the tech industry by seamlessly integrating robotics into its daily operations and then leveraging those advancements to its customers’ benefit. Even if Xerox machines aren’t on your sales floor, the strategies the company employs can offer some valuable insights for your dealership.

The first trick is to test out innovations on home turf. Xerox used robotics to streamline everything from its order-to-cash operations to its payable and receivable processes. But you’ve got other internal solutions, don’t you? Once you’ve got it nailed down, turn around and offer this to your clients. Now you’re talking about solutions to real-world challenges like invoice processing and resume reviews.

Don’t stop at just offering high-tech solutions. You can bring solid proof to the table, showing how you’ve boosted your own receivables by over 30% with robotics or improved supply chain accuracy by the same margin using AI. Suddenly, you are not just selling technology; you’re bringing tangible, real-world outcomes to your prospects’ doorstep.

Read more and listen to a compelling interview with Xerox CEO Steve Bandrowczak, here.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer

Helping Dealers in the Next Era of Imaging

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Ninestar’s Situation: What Does It Mean for You and the Copier Niche?
An Opinion Piece

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The recent news about Ninestar’s import ban has stirred up discussions within the copier industry, leaving many wondering about its implications. In this newsletter entry, we’ll explore the Ninestar situation, offering an opinion on what it means for you as an industry professional.

The silence surrounding the Ninestar ban, domestic toner, and Lexmark is deafening. Official information seems to be limited to generic press releases, leaving us craving more insight. However, let’s consider this: the majority of domestic retailers source their supplies from offshore providers, with a significant portion coming from China. With the current ban, some familiar names might experience an increase in orders—a healthy bump that may go unnoticed.

But what about Lexmark? Will there be a resurrection and a new dawn, or will we be left with nothing but memories? 

Here’s some conjecture for you: unverified rumors suggest that only a handful of Lexmark’s SKUs are affected by the ban.

And then there’s HP…

Click here to read more.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer

Work Trends

Backyard Copiers: Get Ready for ‘Home’ Deliveries & Training Over the Kitchen Table
“That copier won’t fit in my office. Because it’s a treehouse.”

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EV charging systems? Sure. Providing Office Technology in a tree house? Of course. Another diversification opportunity.

As the trend of remote working solidifies in the post-pandemic era, a surprising new shift is taking root: the rise of backyard offices. Sydney Jones, a satisfied customer of Utah-based Backyard Office Utah, represents a growing segment of remote workers looking for designated workspaces right in their backyard. With rising house prices and mortgage rates, upgrading to larger houses is becoming increasingly daunting, fueling the popularity of bespoke backyard offices.

These unique spaces, typically no larger than 200 sq ft, are insulated and equipped with all the amenities of a modern office, including electricity, heating, air conditioning, and internet. Companies like Backyard Office Utah are capitalizing on this trend, offering tailor-made stand-alone offices in clients’ backyards, combining convenience with work-life balance.

A shift to backyard offices could represent another area for growth. Of course, your local environment will dictate viability but you must admit, installing technology into a backyard office is similar to what you do every day.

Read more about backyard offices, here.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer

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