Print Security, the New Way to Talk, and Your Corporate Culture


This week, consolidation continues as folks wait for the next OEM shoe to drop.  Before the scare of Covid, the talk of the town was Xerox buying HP – well at least that was the talk of the street.

Things have changed.  We look at the latest merger and believe it or not, it involves international intrigue and managed print services.  

That’s right.  

Canada-based Valsoft just purchased MPS Monitor.  Don’t let the name deceive you, MPS Monitor is about more than automatic supplies delivery.  If the technology to read printers and copiers is realigned to see other connected assets, companies around the globe will line up to buy the solution.

 Is Print Security a Thing?

 Is anyone hacking into your copier to steal your daughter’s Little League roster or grandma’s recipe?


But when you have access to your client’s IT assets via data collection agents, probes, remote updates, etc., you impact overall network security.  We look at five issues to remember AFTER your client is attacked.

New Terminology –       

In the world of office technology, glossaries are needed to translate the latest and greatest mumbo jumbo.  In addition to hundreds of letter-salad acronyms, there are thousands of words used to redescribe what we already know.  

It was simply a matter of time before the work-from-anywhere movement spawned new words and phrases redefining your world.  With the help of the Future Forum team (AKA Slack), we review some relevant and some not-so-relevant terms.

The Work from Anywhere Battle –

Speaking of new phrases, “manager paranoia” is a two-word phrase for, “I think the rest of the world is going to know my job function is redundant and empty…”  This sentiment is on the rise as workers who have experienced the sweet taste of employment freedom, rebel against returning to their supervisor’s embrace.  To prove worthiness, some managers are monitoring remote teams for evidence of an increase, or more importantly unmanaged, productivity. Tsk, tsk.  Axio looked at this phenomenon.

Know the Culture, Make More Sales –

Too many sales are lost when selling professionals ignore or do not understand the prospect’s company culture.  I’ve got eight tried and true recommendations to remember when initiating an enterprise-level opportunity.

This week the Internet Relay Chat includes: Another country bans Google Analytics, AWS continues to edge into the B2B ecosystem, Microsoft doesn’t recommend monitoring employees, and five tips on attracting new sales.