A New, Modern, and Secure Print Experience from Windows🖨️


The world of print continues to evolve.

The Microsoft Offensive Research & Security Engineering team (MORSE) collaborated with the Windows Print team to unveil Windows Protected Print Mode (WPP), making one of the biggest shifts in the Windows Print System in the past two decades. This new platform will eventually be on by default in Windows.

After You Read This, You Will Know:

  1. Security-Centric Paradigm: The article enlightens readers about the critical security vulnerabilities in the traditional Windows print system and introduces WPP as a secure-by-default solution.
  2. Driverless Printing Advocacy: Readers are encouraged to adopt driverless printing (IPP), emphasizing its security benefits and reduced complexity compared to the traditional driver-based model.
  3. Windows Protected Print Mode Features: An in-depth understanding of WPP’s security features, including limited configurations, module blocking, per-user XPS rendering, and various binary mitigations.

Here are key takeaways:

  • Security-Centric Paradigm:
    • Secure-by-Default Solution: The introduction of Windows Protected Print Mode (WPP) is positioned as a transformative step towards a secure-by-default solution.
  • Driverless Printing Advocacy:
    • Security Benefits: Driverless printing using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). The MS emphasizes the security benefits of this approach, including encryption and a reduction in complexity, urging users to prioritize security over convenience.
    • Shift from Traditional Model: MS underscores the necessity of moving away from the traditional driver-based model, portraying IPP as a modern alternative that aligns with evolving security requirements.
  • Windows Protected Print Mode Features:
    • In-Depth Security Features: Limited/secure print configurations, module blocking, per-user XPS rendering, lower privileges for common spooler tasks, and various binary mitigations.
  • Core Message and Implications:
    • Adoption Encouragement: Users should actively consider and adopt WPP, positioning it as a pivotal step in securing the Windows print environment. WPP is not just an update but a fundamental shift toward a more secure and modern print experience.

“The WPP is now in Insider builds, and we hope you will help us test by trying the feature and providing feedback.”

The article talks about the imperative shift towards a secure print experience with WPP, outlining the pitfalls of the driver-based model and advocating for driverless printing through IPP.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer