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This article envisions an AI assistant for businesses, an ever-watchful entity that identifies and addresses various aspects of operations. CEO Juice introduces the concept of using “machine learning” to enhance service performance, with practical examples like streamlining processes and optimizing technician assignments based on device data.

The AI assistant is depicted as a 24/7 observer, capable of automating responses to both positive and negative situations. The article emphasizes that current AI capabilities are akin to a series of “If This Then That” statements, requiring ongoing human rule-setting.

After reading this you will know:

  • The potential applications of AI in service performance improvement.
  • The concept of a proactive AI assistant that addresses issues and automates responses.
  • The current state of AI as a series of rule-based statements.

Today A.I. is really just a series of IFTTT (If This Then That) statements, and it’s obliviously only looking at digital data.”

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Greg Walters, Head Writer