Artificial Intelligence Will Be Watching You


This week, people are getting back to the office.  Disregarding document improvements in productivity, employee happiness, and reduced costs, companies chained to 1950-era managerial practices, are pushing the return to office ideology.

What’s old, is…Old –

“Instead of reverting to a particular way of working because that’s how it has always been done, we need to look towards enabling employees with greater autonomy around how they work if they want to attract and retain the best people.” – Helen Kupp, Future Forum Co-founder and author. We’ll discover more in this week’s tome.

Post-Hacked Procedures –

But first, close your eyes and imagine this: It’s 3 am you’ve been hacked and locked out of your systems, and the only out is to pay the evildoers a ransom. 

What’s more, your customer data, particularly data that contains personally identifiable information, is part of the hostage package – you’re on the hook with the bad guys and your client. 

What now?

Xerox is Trying –

The verdict is in, Xerox continues to counsel with traditionally print-based niches, objecting to the old ways, challenging past testimony, and following clients into the digital, anti-paper, realms. Will it be enough?

Artificial Intelligence & Monitoring Work From Anywhere –

Apparently, artificial intelligence is monitoring students, riots, and Suicidal Tendencies as The Minority Report shifts from fiction to reality.  Upset colligates are nothing. Let’s worry about platoons of automated farm equipment roaming campus as an interstellar science fiction theme finds its way into real cornfields – you may never think of John Deere the same, but you will know the meaning of ‘detasseling’.

This week the Internet Relay Chat includes: Money from the government for cybersecurity, ther is power in paper, leaders who think you lack self-awareness, a new study tells print on paper is better than the screen, and guess how many ants are on Earth – more than a ton.

It’s a great week, go sell something!

Your Output devices are porous and so is your security policy.

Blair Dawson, Partner at McDonald Hopkins, knows just how to respond to a “reportable incident”, and how to protect you and your customers.Check her presentation, here.

Xerox – Big X Partners to Deliver Contract Lifecycle Management Capabilities

Xerox Announces Strategic Partnership with LinkSquares to Deliver Contract Lifecycle Management Capabilities to CustomersThe journey toward digital nirvana continues as Xerox delves deeper into the legal realm.  LinkSquares is a solution that moves contract management out of steel file cabinets into digital streams. Read, it here.

Return To Office (RTO) – Getting Back to The Future

“This is the ‘2.0’ of the remote age. Employees are determining the freedom to, effectively, determine their work location. In other words, they want flexibility in its truest sense.”

There are hundreds of collaboration tools and thousands of opinions e, check out this article from Slack regarding the Future of Work.

Why is this relevant?  

Getting workers back to a central location means more Office Technology assets to upgrade, retire, move, purchase and support.

How colleges use AI to monitor student protests

Monitoring activity has expanded from copier supply levels, crowd control, and face recognition halfway around the globe to your kid’s social media activity.  

Social Sentinel, recently renamed Navigate360, is a package that scans “…digital conversations…” and “…proactively identify threats in plain view…” on an “intuitive platform with an evolving AI-language engine processing billions of digital conversations in real-time…”

“Stay informed and keep the pulse of sentiment in your community…”

Good article, here.

Why is this relevant?  

If we can monitor kids in school, we can monitor the work-from-anywhere crowd.

Detasseling Manufactures’ Digital Locks – John Deere Tractors Hacked

Right to Repair Movement Plows Forward.

Playing ‘Doom’ on the console and bypassing ‘digital locks’ end users are sowing the seeds of discontent over not being allowed to self-repair purchased farm equipment.  

The issue addresses multiple fronts: hacking heavy equipment, John Deere’s ineffective security efforts, and holding equipment hostage.  

From tractors to toner, Big Business has got you covered. See more, here.

Selling Office Tech

Selling Managed IT Services is different.  Most providers are better at analyzing systems, configuring, and installing technology solutions than they are at asking for money.  

How can this change?  

In the phrase, “It takes time, it is difficult, it is achievable and digital.” Check out this piece from CompTIA, “3 Tips for Selling Managed Services Digitally”

The Internet Relay Chat – News & Fun to Go

  • Biden administration unveils cybersecurity grant program for states under infrastructure law
  • Scientists have calculated how many ants are on Earth. The number is so big it’s ‘unimaginable.’
  • Xerox, a foundational proponent of the Power of Paper, continues to expand into the all-digital realm. If Xerox recognizes the Fall, you should as well.
  • “You’re all worthless and weak!” Leaders, your employees think you lack self-awareness.
  • 2-1/2 Year Lockdown Shows Print Superior to Screen