Back Yard Copiers – Get Ready for ‘Home’ Deliveries and Training Over the Kitchen Table


Photo Source, Backyard Office Utah

That copier won’t fit in my office. It’s a treehouse.”

EV charging systems? Sure. Providing Office Technology in a tree house? Of course. Another diversification opportunity.

As the trend of remote working solidifies in the post-pandemic era, a surprising new shift is taking root – the rise of backyard offices. Sydney Jones, a satisfied customer of Utah-based Backyard Office Utah, represents a growing segment of remote workers looking for designated workspaces right in their backyard. With rising house prices and mortgage rates, upgrading to larger houses is becoming increasingly daunting, fueling the popularity of bespoke backyard offices.

These unique spaces, typically no larger than 200 sq ft, are insulated and equipped with all the amenities of a modern office, including electricity, heating, air conditioning, and internet. Companies like Backyard Office Utah are capitalizing on this trend, offering tailor-made stand-alone offices in clients’ backyards, combining convenience with work-life balance.

“This, I think, will help in having more boundaries. Before, if I got a Slack message on my phone, I just grabbed my computer out of my room. Now I’ll have to make the very conscious choice to go out to the office and get my computer. I think it will be nice that it’s not quite as accessible … but it’s still very accessible.”

-Sydney Jones, a user of the backyard office

This emerging market creates a substantial opportunity for copier dealerships. With backyard offices proliferating, there is an increased need for convenient, efficient office technology to equip these spaces.

Imagine this: you reach out to a backyard office builder in an attempt to bundle their skills in building and you’re in providing remote technology. You could provide everything from a printer to large presentation screens, VOIP, or your entire IT services stack all in one package.

A shift to backyard offices could represent another area for growth. Of course, your local environment will dictate viability but you must admit, installing technology into a backyard office is similar to what you do every day.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer