Change in the Copier Industry – Not Like it Was Before


Adapting to the rhythm of change: In the copier industry, we don’t just make copies, we make history.

Once again, we are at the base of ‘the greatest change our industry has experienced” ever.

As if hybrid work, supply issues, commercial real estate, and more are all feeding a recession isn’t enough, this time we get to throw in some artificial intelligence.

Wow. Nobody has been here before. There are few experts, and it seems even hyperbole is a thing of the past. Like it or not, what we’ve learned up to this point, in all things copier, print, and IT services, is all we’ve got to go on – and it is going to be okay.

The ability to adapt to the rhythm of change has been key to our survival. Thus far, it’s much like the refrain of evolution’s song of the fittest​​. The once simple beat of the “office copier” marketplace, where growth echoed in the distance and technology changed at a methodical tempo, has been replaced by a rapid, dissonant crescendo of digital transformation. The industry’s melody has shifted from an almost unlimited growth market to a mature one, creating new challenges​​.

To stay in harmony with the industry’s ever-changing score, I suggest three major strategies: (1) understanding, (2) continuous learning, and (3) staying updated. Understanding the root cause of a problem and the factors contributing to it, like a declining print volume, is the first step to crafting a solution. It’s like knowing a piece’s key signature before trying to play it​.

Continuous learning is the main verse in the song of adaptation in a tech-driven field. Encourage your ensemble—your employees—to continuously seek out training opportunities, almost like regular rehearsals for the grand performance​.

Finally, subscribe to the industry’s sheet music—publications, professional associations, blogs, and attend industry concerts like ECS (conferences, webinars) to keep in step with the latest trends and changes in office technology, like a band staying in tune with the latest musical trends.

In essence, navigating the ever-changing symphony of the office tech world requires an understanding of the music, continuous practice, and staying attuned to the latest movements in the industry.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer