Changes in the Toner Cartridge Industry: A Look at Franchise Opportunities


The toner cartridge industry is undergoing a period of transformation, and Cartridge World America is a case in point. The company, led by President Greg Carafello, has recently announced a series of changes aimed at revitalizing its business model and franchise opportunities. While the company’s efforts are noteworthy, they also reflect broader shifts in the industry that potential franchisees should consider.

Previously focused on a retail-centric model, Cartridge World is pivoting towards a contract-based B2B sales approach. This change is designed to provide a more stable revenue stream for franchise owners. However, it also signals a departure from traditional retail strategies, which may require a period of adjustment and new skill sets for those involved.

“Today’s the day we start over.”

Cartridge World’s President, Greg Carafello

Carafello has been transparent about these changes, offering support through biweekly newsletters and monthly Zoom calls. While this level of communication is promising, it’s essential for potential franchisees to consider how these changes align with their own business goals and expertise.

The company has also introduced new tools aimed at improving the franchise experience, including an updated website and point-of-sale system. Additionally, Cartridge World is exploring an Executive Office Model that would allow for remote work, potentially reducing overhead costs. These tools and models are not unique to Cartridge World and are becoming increasingly common in various industries.

Another initiative, the No Cost Printer Programme, aims to alleviate some of the common challenges businesses face with printing costs and maintenance. While this could be a selling point for potential clients, it’s yet another aspect that franchisees will need to familiarize themselves with.

Industry observers, such as The Recycler, have noted that Cartridge World has had its share of ups and downs. The company’s resilience is evident, but the recent changes also highlight the evolving nature of the toner cartridge business. For those considering a franchise opportunity in this industry, it’s crucial to understand both the risks and rewards that come with these shifts.

The toner cartridge niche, like most office technology concerns, is a field in flux. Cartridge World’s recent changes are just one example of how businesses are adapting to new market realities. Are there opportunities for the traditional copier dealer, or is this an additional competitor elbowing its way to your customers?

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Greg Walters, Head Writer