ChatGPT & Your AI Strategy: Are We Just Pawn In This Game?


Beyond the AI hype: Checkmating the board, not just a piece.

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You’ve heard the hullabaloo around ChatGPT and its language model kin. They’ve shot up like rockets in the AI cosmos, causing a global stir in boardrooms. “What’s our ChatGPT move?” you ask. Well, let’s break it down, because this isn’t just about cool tech toys; it’s more like chess.

Picture this: ChatGPT, that word-wizard that’s become the belle of the AI ball, is just one pawn in your arsenal. It’s got potential, oh sure, but it’s only part of a bigger picture – an ensemble of pieces on your strategic chessboard.

Here’s the kicker: these language learning models (LLMs) are just summarizing and regurgitating information in fancy ways. They’re smart parrots, not original thinkers. So while they’re great at generating and navigating through info, they aren’t the gurus. That’s you, the human, who is charged with validating information and keeping it in check.

“Practical applications where LLMs can be applied retain human authority, such as systems in which experts can interact with archived institutional knowledge. For example, if a network engineer could describe a particular file she knew existed but for which she had forgotten the name and location, an LLM could help provide much more precise recommendations than previous systems.”

Brian Evergreen, CIO

But, the fun doesn’t stop at LLMs. Nope, there’s a whole AI buffet out there that’s more potent and practical than these linguistic whizzes. We’re talking deep learning, reinforcement learning, autonomous AI, machine teaching, and sentiment analysis – just to name a few. They may be behind-the-scenes heroes, but they’re creating very impactful results.

Take autonomous AI: it has learned to play puppeteer in areas where historical data is scarce. How? By designing simulations and having the AI learn the ropes through reinforcement learning. That is to say, the AI learns from data it has created through simulations. Not just that, real-time AI applications are catching up too, ditching those nightly data batches for in-the-moment responses.

But here’s the endgame – combine these tech tools. Picture a customer service scenario: real-time AI is your transcriptionist and sentiment analyst, and generative AI becomes your prompt-based problem solver. Just remember to keep a human in the loop to cross-check and validate.

Leaders, don’t get swept up in the current, chasing the latest shiny object. This isn’t a game of tic-tac-toe; it’s 4D chess. It’s about shaping your vision and crafting a strategy around it; vision first, strategy next.

Use LLMs and their tech kin not as the crux of your strategy, but as tools that can help your vision come to life. The point isn’t just to move a pawn, it’s to dominate the board.

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– Greg Walters, Head Writer