ConnectWise Unveils New AI-Powered Tools 🦿


ConnectWise Revolution: Unleashing AI for MSP Growth?

ConnectWise introduces a groundbreaking shift from Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) to Unified Monitoring & Management (UMM), delving deeper into network, cloud, and backup monitoring. The article unveils AI-powered tools like ConnectWise RPA for hyperautomation and ConnectWise Sidekick, the organization’s first AI companion.

The new toolset promises tangible growth opportunities for small and mid-sized MSPs, focusing on automating tasks and delivering exceptional customer service. The article underlines ConnectWise’s commitment to collaboration and building a vibrant channel ecosystem.

After reading this you will know:

  • ConnectWise’s transition from RMM to UMM and its impact on MSP operations.
  • The introduction of AI-powered tools like RPA and Sidekick for hyperautomation and improved problem resolution.
  • The potential growth opportunities for small and mid-sized MSPs through AI adoption.

Sidekick, our AI model, is a blend of generative AI, large language models, and machine learning. It’s a proprietary tool, ensuring the privacy and security of our partners’ data.”

Ameer Karim, ConnectWise EVP & GM, Unified Monitoring & Management

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