Copier Dealer’s Quest: Leveraging Formed AI’s e-Automate For Your Prospects


Copier dealers are seizing opportunities to integrate advanced automation into their customers’ portfolio.

Formed AI, an emerging player in the business process automation landscape, has entered a significant partnership with ECI Software Solutions, a cloud-based business management solutions provider. This alliance is set to transform the way accounts payable functions operate, notably among e-automate users, by integrating Formed AI’s digital accounting automation platform with e-automate.

The integration aims to automate the processing of invoices and vendor payments, effectively streamlining AP workflows. This is expected to drastically reduce manual tasks by up to 80%, offering businesses greater control and visibility into vendor payments and cash flow management. Moreover, the integration comes with the ability to turn the accounts payable function into a revenue-generating center, as businesses can earn rebates while processing vendor payments.

The e-automate and Formed AI integration is available for self-hosted users. Support for cloud version of e-automate customers will follow late Q3.

Formed AI

The system is reported to automatically reconcile invoices to purchase orders and goods received, and attaching proper GL codes. The system also automatically applies credits, routes invoices to approvers or sends them back to vendors if errors are detected, and prevents duplicate payments. It provides inbuilt dashboards that offer insights into outstanding vendor payments and due dates.

The gold here for e-Automate customers who decide to implement this feature isn’t simply reduced costs and internal efficiencies, it is the opportunity to bring this service to prospects and customers.

Once you learn how implement, train, and optimize functionality of a good AP system, you can incorporate this software solution as part of you technology offering.

If it’s good enough for you, its great for you customers. Could you reach out to your vendors and form go to market alliances? Of course you can.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer