The Copier Industry Roars into the Future:’s Game-changing Acquisition of Tigerpaw


From Copier to Tiger: A Tail of Groundbreaking Transformation

Have you ever seen a watering hole in the heart of a scorching savannah? That’s how the tech industry often feels. Dry as dust one moment, then bursting with life the next when the rains of innovation come. Here we are, spectators to a wild dance between two robust beasts of the industry – and Tigerpaw.

“By absorbing Tigerpaw into the family, we are expanding our scope of solutions for communications and managed service providers. With the ongoing convergence of these sectors, our expansion now caters to a wider range of needs, from managing recurring revenues to supporting field techs and handling complex service organizations,”

Brent Maropis, CEO of

Like a seasoned chef adding a spicy twist to a traditional dish, this merger shakes up the copier and managed service industry. It’s an intoxicating blend of the old and new, a spicy dash of sales automation, project management, and invoicing coupled with a deep, flavorful base of field tech support and inventory tracking.

This merger sends a clear message: it’s time to move beyond the familiar plains of the copier industry. The landscape is changing, shifting towards a broader, greener pasture of comprehensive service solutions.

But the dance is far from over. The rains of change have started to pour, and the savannah is teeming with life. Businesses are venturing out, exploring new territories, and diving into the verdant opportunities that lie beyond.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer