Dura Software’s Expanding “Hyper-Nich” Galaxy: Paperwise Joins the Constellation


Dura Software is on an aggressive acquisition spree, recently announcing its 14th addition, Paperwise, to its ever-growing portfolio. This acquisition is the third for Dura Software this year, underscoring its intent to broaden its footprint in the document management sector. Dura’s expertise lies in acquiring, owning, and operating “Hyper-Niche” software businesses. Their portfolio boasts names like 6Connex, SecureVideo, dbtech, and more, each bringing unique value to various niche markets.

Dura Software’s verticals span a wide range of industries, from event management with 6Connex, telehealth solutions via SecureVideo, to hospital document management through dbtech. Other notable verticals include customer engagement with Moki, maritime communication via Nordic IT, and sales optimization with Revegy. This diverse range of verticals showcases Dura’s commitment to catering to the specialized needs of various industries, further solidifying its reputation as a diversified software conglomerate.

“Dura Software continues its aggressive acquisition strategy with the announcement of its 14th portfolio company, Paperwise.”

The State

Paperwise, known for its industry-agnostic document management platform, Symphony, boasts features ranging from forms to workflow automation. This versatility makes Symphony a sought-after solution across diverse enterprise sectors. Paul Salisbury, Dura Software’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting Paperwise’s industry knowledge and innovative solutions that align with Dura’s mission.

For office technology providers, this trend of industry outsiders acquiring niche solution providers is noteworthy. It’s a clear indication that the landscape is shifting and that there’s an opportunity to pivot into new markets. By collaborating with smaller entities backed by fresh investments and being part of a diverse service and solution portfolio, copier dealers can explore new avenues and ensure sustained growth.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer