How Many Times Do You Switch Between Apps A Day?


This week, old friends grow their businesses, big companies expect growth while others laying off thousands and the ‘office’ continues to be defined as well as our understanding of a ‘team’ – Salesforce Senior Vice President of UX and product design is rethinking what it means to be a “team” in this new distributed world of work. Say goodbye to the Great Resignation, and hello to the Great Breakup.

We click 1,200 times a day –

Our attention span is short, we know this, but the work-from-anywhere movement seems to have increased the number of things requiring even more of our conscious and unconscious attention. A new study reveals that we switch between websites and applications 1,200 times a day.

It gets worse. Companies deployed 89 different apps on average last year, up from 58 in 2015, according to Okta, a cloud software company. At large employers, that figure is now 187. Of those apps, close to 30% are duplicative or add no value, according to a survey of senior business leaders by WalkMe, an enterprise software provider.

Seems low to me, but I wasn’t in on the study.  How about you?

What is a Team? –

The ‘office’ is being redefined and so too, is the meaning of ‘team’.  The post-Covid ecosphere forces us to reimagine words, ideas, and practices.  Everything is under new consideration.  How are you defining the people you work with in an effort to achieve common goals?  Are you in a ‘pod’, ‘tribe’ or ‘congregation’?

Get married, get matching checkbook covers – 

“The decline of the check-printing business started when electronic payments began displacing paper checks 25 years ago. The Federal Reserve’s network of check-processing centers shrank from 45 to just one by 2003.”

That was nineteen years ago. Almost two decades but Deluxe, the printer of checks, is experiencing an up tic in revenue while swimming in staff reductions.  

I see this as an unexplainable flash-in-the-pan event – don’t get rid of your ATM card or Venmo account just yet.

“Those are Wind Turbines, not windmills…” – 

Even green jobs are in jeopardy as layoffs invade renewables.  Folks who manufacture wind turbines are getting blown out of the market and into the unenjoyment line. 

“Shareholder interest in a money-losing or marginally profitable business would likely be very low, even in a “hot” space like renewables.” – Says GE.


Speaking of layoffs, DocuSign, the company that gave us digital signatures, is shedding folks.  The great digital transformation can’t save even those ushering in the great digital transformation.

Chips, chips, and fewer chips –

Oil is an old-world commodity, and computer chips are the New World commodity – not data – without microchips, data stays on paper, newspapers, and file cabinets.  US firms are looking to invest domestically – which is five to ten years away.

Regardless, HP says things are looking up, there is a list of the 2022 Elite dealers, and in the spirit of the season, check out the tools needed to move your pumpkin carving skills a cut above.

This week the Internet Relay Chat includes, HP, Sharp, Konica, and the millions and billions of both the laser printer and copier markets.  Learning how to recognize three different selling situations, greenwashing office technology, and how Xerox worked with the Central Intelligence Agency back in the 70s.  Selling, money, and skullduggery – oh the joy.

It’s a great week, go sell something!

Technology overload. IT bloat. Barnacle apps.

“Basically, how we work is itself a distraction.” 

I couldn’t agree more.  Coming from somebody who typically has eight to a dozen tabs open on four separate web browsers, and runs Word, Evernote, Email, Canva, Zoom, and PowerPoint at the same time, I understand precisely the messaging behind the findings revealed in this article.  I can’t wait to get three more monitors.  Read about it, here.

HP expects the printer market to ramp up. 

What else are they going to say?  The article references the EMEA market.  Will the US to follow suit?

Deluxe check-printing business sees a surprising uptick in demand.

Who, besides your parents and grandparents, still writes checks?  Revenue increase of 6% each of the last three quarters tells us…what, exactly?  Deluxe is a company that prints checks

DocuSign to cut workforce by 9% as part of the restructuring plan –

Layoffs are hitting every niche, and every industry, ours is not immune. Consider this, digitization is in full motion all over the globe and one of the prevalent providers of digital signatures is reducing headcount.

Industry Icons: ENX Magazine Reveals 2022 Elite Dealer Award Winners

It is a yearly thing and one I typically look forward to seeing.  I don’t see any of the ‘Elites’ as better or worse – they are all the same. But as a barometer for the industry, comparing the list year to year is illuminating.

America’s ‘once unthinkable’ chip export restrictions will hobble China’s semiconductor ambitions

This is huge and involves global interests from Cupertino to Ukraine to Taiwan. Everything is processed through silicon – everything – from dishwashers, radar detectors, and F35 fighter jets, without chips, we are back to washing shirts in the river, buying faster horses, and using slingshots.  Watch this.  

The Internet Relay Chat – News & Fun to Go

  • Sharp Announces New A3 Monochrome MFP Lineup Built On Common Platform with Workgroup Color Series 
  • HP (HPQ) Gains But Lags Market – the future of Office Technology?
  • New to Copier Sales: The Three Levels of Prospects, part 1 – Everyone sells.
  • Future Outlook for Konica Minolta Inc. – the future of copier manufacturers?

How did the CIA work with copier maker Xerox to snoop on Soviet confidential documents? – I’m working up a treatment…” Copier Tech Saves America”. Are you with me?