How to Sell More Copiers in the Age of Remote Work and Artificial Intelligence: Stop Selling Copiers


The times are changing, but the basics still apply.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you and I’m not crazy. Well, maybe I am just a bit.

Regardless of your optical prowess, my message is probably counter to what your sales manager’s playbook outlines. Your copiers are not unique. Worse, your prospects really do not care what name is on your box.

Physical offices, processes, and workflows will transform, yet ‘business’ remains forever. For the everyday copier salesperson, your challenges remain the same; monthly quotas, complicated commission plans, OEMs pushing boxes, and owners driving everything toward profit.

How can you thrive in this dynamic, stressful environment? Let’s start with your prospects and specifically, how you communicate with each one.

When engaged with prospects here are three suggestions:

  1. Talk Business
  2. Ask Why and How
  3. Talk about AI

Have a business conversation.

Ask about your prospect’s selling process, and hiring people, and talk about how your company and customers are selling, hiring, and conducting business. Today, we’ve got more turbulence than ever – talk to your prospect about how they reduce costs, grow revenue and increase profits, and your value increases, separating you from the competition.

Be curious.

Professional selling is first about being inquisitive. For the moment, let go of ‘selling” and embrace ‘solving’. There is nuance, you’re not there to grill the prospect into submission, you are there to learn about this new relationship.

Explore artificial intelligence with your prospect.

For the next few months, consider the subject of AI common ground. Talk about the personal challenges you’ve had learning and using AI. Share the benefits you’ve realized by using artificial intelligence.

Here’s the rub.

In order for you to experience the full power of these suggestions, you’ve got to be actively educating yourself on all things business related; not the first copy out speed of the latest multifunction device.

Selling is evolving, and copier sales is no exception. In an era where the importance of brands is fading, and the introduction of artificial intelligence and remote work is disrupting the traditional ways of business, prospects are looking for answers to their business challenges. It’s about being inquisitive, embracing the power of AI, and diving into the depths of business processes. Shifting your perspective from ‘selling’ to ‘solving’ creates more meaningful relationships with your prospects and ultimately, sells more copiers.

Now, it’s your turn. Let go of the traditional sales mindset and embrace an inquisitive and solution-oriented approach.

Stop pitching copiers and you might end up selling more copiers.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer