HP Amplify 2023: Strengthening Partnerships, Driving Sustainability, and Innovating Work & Gaming Experiences


HP’s journey towards better partnerships, greener solutions, and happier customers.


  • HP Amplify 2023 focuses on enhancing channel partnerships through initiatives like the “More for More Benefit and Compensation Program” and “Fast Lane Joint Demand Generation Process,” aimed at boosting sales, streamlining reimbursement processes, and improving partner experiences.
  • Sustainability takes center stage with the introduction of eco-friendly A4 Color LaserJet series printers and TerraJet toner technology, reducing energy usage and plastic consumption while supporting hybrid work environments.
  • HP unveils new products for hybrid work and gaming enthusiasts, including EliteBook and ProBook PCs, ZBook workstations, Poly video conferencing solutions, and an expanded OMEN gaming lineup featuring a collaboration with HyperX.

The HP Amplify Partner Conference 2023 served as a prominent platform for the company to announce several enhancements aimed at reinforcing its channel partnerships. By introducing new elements like the “More for More Benefit and Compensation Program” and “Fast Lane Joint Demand Generation Process,” HP aims to drive sales growth and improve partner experiences. These programs are designed to encourage increased sales across HP’s portfolio, simplify reimbursement of marketing development funds, and accelerate claims and payment processes for eligible partners.

Sustainability remains a key priority for HP, as demonstrated by the introduction of the A4 Color LaserJet series and redesigned TerraJet toner technology. These innovations focus on reducing energy usage and plastic consumption, with the new toner delivering up to 27% reduced energy usage and up to 78% less plastic in packaging. The Color LaserJet 4200/4300 and Enterprise 5000/6000 series printers, equipped with TerraJet toners, are designed to support hybrid workstyles, providing high performance, energy efficiency, and scalability.

In response to the increasing demand for hybrid work solutions, HP has launched new products such as EliteBook and ProBook series PCs, ZBook workstations, and Poly for commercial video conferencing. These tools aim to support the ever-evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work, providing seamless collaboration and productivity for professionals. HP has also introduced HP Wolf Connect, an IT management connectivity solution, and HP Home Delivery as part of HP Logistics Services to facilitate the delivery of commercial PCs, displays, and peripherals directly to employees’ residential addresses worldwide.

Gaming enthusiasts are not left behind, with HP announcing new OMEN monitors, enhancements to the OMEN Gaming Hub, and a gaming laptop collaboration between HyperX and OMEN. These latest additions to HP’s gaming lineup include new OEM laptops and the industry-first HyperX Cloud II Core Wireless Gaming Headset option. The Gaming Tap newsletter will provide further insights on these exciting gaming developments.

The HP Amplify Channel Partner Conference 2023 showcased the company’s commitment to strengthening its channel relationships, promoting sustainability, and catering to the evolving needs of hybrid work and gaming enthusiasts. With these updates and new product offerings, HP is set to deliver even better experiences for its customers and partners, while paving the way for a greener future.