HP Inc. Big Data Industry Predictions for 2024: Navigating the Cybersecurity Maze🌐


After reading this you will know:

  • The predicted rise of AI-powered social engineering attacks and the importance of innovative defenses.
  • The dual role of AI in cybersecurity, both as a tool for attackers and a defense mechanism.
  • The need for a comprehensive approach to hardware and firmware security in the face of democratized cyber techniques.

In an insightful piece from insideBIGDATA, HP Inc. lays out its technology predictions for 2024, painting a picture of a year that will be significantly shaped by advancements in AI, GenAI, LLMs, BI, data science, and data engineering. The article, sourced directly from HP’s executive suite, provides a deep dive into the expected trends and challenges in the cybersecurity landscape, emphasizing the need for robust, innovative defenses in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats.

The narrative unfolds with a stark warning about AI-enhanced social engineering attacks, predicting a surge in highly plausible phishing lures that will challenge even the most trained employees. The article underscores the importance of creating virtual safety nets and employing micro-virtualization to protect against these threats. It also highlights the dual nature of AI, serving both as a tool for attackers and a defense mechanism for organizations.

Further, the rise of LLMs is set to make endpoints a prime target, with generative AI enabling more personalized and hard-to-detect attacks. The article discusses the emergence of ‘AI PCs’ and the implications of local LLMs, which, while enhancing user experience, also increase the risk of sensitive data breaches. The piece also touches on the industry’s skills crisis, emphasizing the need for strong endpoint protection and a Zero Trust approach.

Lastly, the democratization of AI tools is expected to lead to more advanced attacks against firmware and hardware, underscoring the need for businesses to actively manage hardware and firmware security throughout the device lifecycle. The article concludes with a call to action for organizations to rethink their cybersecurity strategies, focusing on supply chain resilience and a risk-based approach to partner relationships.

Quote from the article:

“In 2024, powerful AI will be in the hands of the many, making sophisticated capabilities more accessible at scale to malicious actors.”

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Greg Walters, Head Writer