Investments, Ink, and Empty Shipping Container


FTX and the office technology

Try describing a cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain company to your parents and how that company went bankrupt, took billions of celebrities’ money, money that might have come from Ukraine, and oodles of high-tech venture capital with it down the drain.  Throw in a 30-year-old, whiz kid culprit on the run in a private jet headed to Argentina and your head might explode.  Have you ever seen Scanners?

How does the failure of a bitcoin exchange company impact the office technology business? Trust.  As technology institutions make mistakes and dubious activity abounds, trust in new systems, procedures, and technology erodes. 

What should you be doing?

  • Educate yourself. Stay on the path to becoming a trusted office technology business advisor.
  • Demonstrate the positive aspects of technology in the office
  • Keep Calm

Supply Chain Woes 

The silver lining when it comes to lagging delivery times is threefold: the challenges are affecting everyone on everything, prospects and customers still move forward and a majority of transactions are taking place with existing customers.

Dealers and leasing companies are signing and approving deals that will not deliver until 2023. It wasn’t long ago that if you could deliver in 30 days, somebody else would. Today, 120 days and beyond is accepted.

What should you be doing?

  • Openly communicate with vendors, supplies, prospects, and clients
  • Create a ‘flat-rate-while-waiting-loaner’ 
  • Remain Calm

A Look at the Share of Placements for Business Printers by Technology

The ink vs. laser battle has been raging since the HP DeskJet500 was a viable product.  HP Edgeline and MemJet were initial and secondary attempts at market penetration.  Today, laser placements outnumber ink, but could the tide change?  

Gap research reveals laser/LED devices maintain their majority while overall inkjet share remained consistent, the move from cartridge-based primarily represented by HP.  With HP’s A3/A4 PageWide exit, the share has shifted quickly towards Epson and its EcoTank/Supertank inkjets.

What should you be doing?

  • Maintain existing relationships with laser-based solutions
  • Explore expanding existing ink offerings
  • If you haven’t yet, pick up a line

The end of 2022 is approaching.  Is your 2023 looking better than 22?  It seems like the ‘new normal’ in office technology is what would be considered ‘abnormal’ just 36 months ago.

Have a great week!

Is Ink better for the Office?

Toner Versus Inkjet for Commercial Digital Printing Output: Is the Score Settled?

Ink is poised to take over the commercial print niche. Is this a bellwether for office print?  Think about WHAT is being printed.  Most documents are disposable, transferring information from one point to another and ending up in the recycle bin. By some, the inkjet color quality is about 25% less than toner – which is more than acceptable for draft documents, and inter-office memorandums.

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Supply Chain Challenges Summer 2023

According to an SAP supply chain forecast, 49% of senior business decision-makers believe current supply chain issues will last through the end of 2022, while 33% predict that they will persist until summer 2023.

The key factors these business leaders say are contributing to the issues are global political unrest (58%), lack of raw materials (44%), and rising fuel and energy costs (40%). Inflation, surprisingly, ranked eighth as a major contributor. For 2023 expectations, the respondents foresee reduced availability of raw materials in the US, slowdowns in new home construction, and a lack of drivers in public transportation.

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Is this another ENRON ?“…parallels are extensive and nuanced, putting aside the Enron’s lawyer is the new CEO of FTX…In both cases, these internal assets flowed between entities that were nominally or even legally separate, but that in fact served the same masters…”(David Z. Morris, Coinbase, Nov 16, 2022)  Consider the FTX incident as “piling on” to an existing heap of ugly.  

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