Microsoft Outlines 3 Trends that Will Change the Future of Work.


Productivity, AI, and soft skills.

Three Trends and How We Can Support Them

If there is one company that has played the most integral part in office life, it is Microsoft. Agree or disagree, when Microsoft speaks, we should all listen. In this case, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Chairman and CEO, highlights three solid observations that you can take into conversations with C-Level decision-makers and influencers.

The first trend is “productivity paranoia.”  There’s a clear disconnect in which leaders question whether their organization is being productive while workers feel burned out. In order to address this, Nadella suggests integrating data and an improvement plan. Organizations should focus on outcomes, then find new patterns of successful (and productive) work. As such, technology-selling professionals can provide solutions to help monitor productivity metrics and offer support to prevent burnout.

The second trend Nadella highlights is the role of artificial intelligence (AI) as a co-pilot for workers. Nadella believes that AI can aid workers in their tasks rather than replacing them completely, presenting an opportunity for technology-selling professionals to offer solutions that integrate AI technology to empower workers and make their jobs easier.

Finally, Nadella emphasizes the importance of people and soft skills in achieving success. He notes that individuals must learn new soft skills and take the time to foster people-to-people connections. As a technology-selling professional, offering training and resources to help workers develop communication, collaboration, and creativity skills can create a positive work environment that fosters loyalty and commitment.

Nadella’s insights come at a time when the workplace is undergoing significant changes due to technological advancements and shifting attitudes toward work.