Not Just Copiers: First Impressions, Questions, and Trust


The Old Ways are Better: Crafting Trust in the Copier Marketplace

In the world of Office Technology sales, first impressions are no longer just firm handshakes or polished shoes. They also traverse the digital universe, shaping perceptions and either building trust or erecting walls. Your in-person demeanor, your online presence, your phone manner, and your email etiquette – each form a piece of the grand mosaic of impressions that can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity​.

But your first impression is just the prologue in your sales journey. To make an impact, you need to shift from selling to engaging. Show genuine interest in your client’s needs to cultivate trust, the bedrock of successful relationships. As a salesperson, your legacy isn’t the machines you’ve sold, but the relationships you’ve nurtured and the trust you’ve earned. Engagement, understanding, and delivery — that’s the gold standard​.

“…73% of respondents from a recent Dale Carnegie study indicated that trust is “very” or “extremely” important to them for building relationships with salespeople. Further supporting the critical role trust plays in a buyer and seller relationship (and driving profitable sales), the same study found that 71% of respondents said they would rather buy from a salesperson they trusted over one who gave them the lowest price…”

Dale Carnegie study.

How do you achieve this gold standard? Say hello to the Socratic method. This philosophical gem champions discovery over pitches. It’s about asking probing questions that reveal your client’s true needs. Like, “What are the challenges your team faces in managing your current print infrastructure, and how would a better way impact your operations?” Such questions lead to deep insights and pave the way for solution-building, meaningful conversations​, and trust.

But this method doesn’t stop at conversation. It becomes a lighthouse guiding your strategic thinking, fostering a competitive edge. It not only encourages critical thinking about your solution strategies but illuminates the business processes for your prospect as well. By asking good secondary and tertiary queries, you transition from a salesperson into a trusted advisor, adept at navigating the changing needs of customers. More than a machine, more than a salesperson.

The mantra: it’s not about selling copiers, it’s about building trust. It’s about making a memorable first impression and engaging genuinely with clients. It’s about transforming selling into a journey of discovery using the Socratic method. Because at the end of the day, you’re not dealing with machines; you’re dealing with people. People looking for more than just a copier; they seek trust, value, and meaningful relationships.

Stop selling copiers, start asking questions, and ignite a revolution in print services.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer