Notable Trends in Print Management and Managed Print Services


Changing clouds, emerging AI, and stubborn office workers: the exciting world of print management.

  1. The shift from on-premise to cloud-based print management platforms is a significant trend, offering new features and greater flexibility.
  2. Print management software is now not only a cost-saving and sustainability tool but also a security solution.
  3. Managed Print Services (MPS) are seeing a slow decline, while AI begins to make its mark in print management.

In an industry that never stands still, the print management and Managed Print Services (MPS) sectors are undergoing a significant transformation. From the embrace of cloud-based solutions to the integration of AI, these changes are driving a whole new phase of efficiency and productivity.

One of the most noteworthy shifts has been the transition from on-premises print management systems to cloud-based platforms. This move has not only allowed for improved cost accounting and usage tracking but has also enhanced security. As Keypoint Intelligence’s Jamie Bsales notes, “Pages that aren’t retrieved at the device are never printed, so you have the paper and supplies savings.”

Adding new layers of convenience is the advent of mobile printing, which not only streamlines workflows but also supports remote firmware deployment. And let’s not overlook the infusion of scanned workflows, with Bsales emphasizing that “the sky’s the limit with what features can be added because you can layer in all sorts of processing in between.”

In terms of MPS, however, the forecast is not so bright. West McDonald, president of the Managed Print Services Association, suggests that growth in this area is dwindling due to cheaper print costs and a decline in the overall need for managed printing. His solution? New customers. He believes that “the only way to grow with managed print is to add net new customers.”

But as we turn a wary eye to the decline of MPS, the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands ready. Greg Walters sees AI’s potential in enhancing workflows and securing cloud-based documents, admitting, “This is going to be a stretch for print management companies to connect the dots, but there are algorithms involved in the print management solution that can be taken over by AI.”

In a rapidly changing industry, the print management and MPS sectors show both growing pains and potential. But one thing is certain – with the advent of cloud-based solutions and AI, it’s an exciting time to be a part of this dynamic landscape. Read the article, here.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer