November 9 Quiz:


As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, the world of office technology is also experiencing its own transformation. This fall, take our quiz to see if you’re up to speed with the latest shifts in copier sales and B2B buying behaviors.

  1. What is the core principle behind the ‘anti-sales plan’ in copier sales?
    • A) To use aggressive sales tactics to close deals quickly.
    • B) To follow a strict, traditional sales script.
    • C) To adopt a personalized approach that emphasizes strategic agility and individuality.
  2. By 2025, what percentage of B2B sales interactions are expected to occur in digital channels according to Gartner?
    • A) 50%
    • B) 80%
    • C) 60%
  3. Post-COVID, which of the following has become less important in the early phase of B2B purchasing?
    • A) The importance of salespeople.
    • B) The need for digital marketing.
    • C) The reliance on group decision-making.