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October 5, 2023 – Office Tech Tap Newsletter

In this week’s edition of The Office Tech Tap newsletter dated October 5, 2023, we explore the latest trends in Managed Print Services, automation, and ecological tech considerations.

  • Managed Print Investments Growing πŸ“ˆ:
    The article discusses the growing investments in Managed Print Services (MPS), emphasizing the need for businesses to adapt in a post-pandemic world. It also highlights evolving customer expectations and the balance between cost, security, and sustainability.
  • Revisiting the Magical Moments: MyQ’s 11th Showtime πŸŽ‰:
    This piece takes the reader on a journey back to MyQ’s 11th Showtime event in Prague, celebrating 30 years of innovation and partnership. It focuses on the company’s growth, the founders’ enduring friendship, and the anticipation surrounding the launch of the global platform, MyQ neXt.
  • TD SYNNEX Integrates Epson Devices Into OpenMPS Managed Print Service 🌿:
    TD SYNNEX’s recent announcement of integrating Epson A3 office print devices into its OpenMPS managed print service is highlighted. The article discusses the shift in the MPS landscape towards not just efficiency but also ecological considerations.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vs. Intelligent Automation (IA): What’s the Difference? πŸ€–β“:
    The article serves as a comprehensive guide for understanding the distinctions between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA). It emphasizes their unique capabilities and applications in the future of automation.
  • Modernizing Print Infrastructure: A Guide for MPS Salespeople πŸ“š:
    This article provides key insights for MPS salespeople on modernizing print infrastructure. It covers various aspects like workplace dynamics, office space trends, and strategies for modernizing print infrastructure, including sustainability focus and cloud transition.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer