Remote Security in your Car


This week we talk about work-from-home security, your office in the clouds, and why the bigger output device wins.  Office Technology is not restricted to a physical location.

Security & WFA Office Technology
Losing your laptop is a big no-no and companies are trying to figure out a way to track hardware and keep data on your hard drive.  With workers returning to the office AND working from anywhere, the risk of losing technology increases – company assets are not totally under a watchful eye.  Indeed, in some places, a lost or stolen device must be reported to authorities as a possible data-breach. But the latest security threat trend is more unassuming than leaving your laptop unattended at a coffee shop.

Archive file formats like ZIP and RAR were the most common file type for delivering malware, according to HP’s latest HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report.  The file types surpassed office files for the first time in three years.

What should you be doing?

  • Do not download .zip files from unknown parties
  • Make encryption a pillar of your print and IT policy
  • Check into your insurance and post-incident policy

Meta Offices

As Meta/Facebook follows the path of Halo Rooms and Second Life, the revamped office may be the best driver for real, live, virtual existence.  Couple the Covid recovery with an economic downturn and the Death of the Office is upon us – companies are cutting down on office space as a cost-saving measure.

Next year, Zoom will roll out Zoom Spots in an attempt to create virtual watercoolers for employees to work and socialize around. Additionally, Zoom will be available on your Tesla – the epitome of working remote.

In a recent PwC survey, over 82% of business executives expect metaverse plans to be part of their business activities within three years.  Based on the survey data and experience, PwC has four sets of ideas that can help: Set People and Tech priorities, meet business needs and consumer desires, build and spread trust, get ready for a new digital world.

What should you be doing?

  • Learn more, keep abreast of the new frontier
  • Embrace remote presentation at a deeper, immersive level
  • Introduce you clients to metaverse

Workplace 2023
In 2023, the workplace will be distributed, remote, diverse and more virtual than ever before.  You’ll see enterprise-level organizations and the SMBs cater to the shifting employment landscape by aligning with the post-pandemic “new normal.”

Massive layoffs might steer more employees back into an office, but remote and hybrid working will not go awayThe big trend is the change in customer behavior, driving the print and digital convergence.
Cloud adoption, the continued path toward digitization and fierce economic headwinds, will impact the way everyone conducts business.

The print realm will continue to face tough economic uncertainty, and supply chain disruptions. We’ve got to adapt products and services to become more relevant in the turbulent office technology ecosystem.

What will you see in 2023?

  • Parts of the metaverse will become real
  • Workplace surveillance will become more prevalent
  • Employee requests for more flexibility beyond the four-day workweek

As 2022 wanes and 2023 breaches, predictions and prophesies will no doubt abound.  You will be a party to, if not a victim of, such divine testaments here on the Office Technology Tap in the coming weeks.

Have a great week!

The silver lining when it comes to lagging delivery times is threefold: the challenges are affecting everyone on everything, prospects and customers still move forward and a majority of transactions are taking place with existing customers.

Dealers and leasing companies are signing and approving deals that will not deliver until 2023. It wasn’t long ago that if you could deliver in 30 days, somebody else would. Today, 120 days and beyond is accepted.

What should you be doing?

  • Openly communicate with vendors, supplies, prospects, and clients
  • Create a ‘flat-rate-while-waiting-loaner’ 
  • Remain Calm

A Look at the Share of Placements for Business Printers by Technology

The ink vs. laser battle has been raging since the HP DeskJet500 was a viable product.  HP Edgeline and MemJet were initial and secondary attempts at market penetration.  Today, laser placements outnumber ink, but could the tide change?  

Gap research reveals laser/LED devices maintain their majority while overall inkjet share remained consistent, the move from cartridge-based primarily represented by HP.  With HP’s A3/A4 PageWide exit, the share has shifted quickly towards Epson and its EcoTank/Supertank inkjets.

What should you be doing?

  • Maintain existing relationships with laser-based solutions
  • Explore expanding existing ink offerings
  • If you haven’t yet, pick up a line

The end of 2022 is approaching.  Is your 2023 looking better than 22?  It seems like the ‘new normal’ in office technology is what would be considered ‘abnormal’ just 36 months ago.

Have a great week!

The Battle Continues

Whatever you do, address these five challenges of securing the remote office, and don’t lose your assets.   Security goes beyond the physical layers and HP’s Wolf Security research found 44% of malware is delivered inside archive files compared to 32% delivered through Office files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Read the HP article, here.

The Death of the Office

The coming recession could kill the office once and for all. Even with return-to-office policies, some offices are still empty. Read more, here.

Zoom is creating a virtual water cooler, here, and will be available in your Tesla. 

That’s right, the remote office is truly remote, and Zoom is ready to fill your windshield time.

Office Printing 2023 – The Shape of Things to Come

Customer behavior is changing, which is accelerating print and digital convergence. Check out a summary of the Quocirca report, here.

The IRC Internet Relay Chat

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