Revolutionizing the Copier Industry: The Intriguing Intersection of Copier Technology and Printed Electronics


Where we’re going, we don’t just copy… we create.

Here’s something new: Printed Electronics. The subject is most likely on the fringe of your radar. But this ever-evolving and burgeoning industry provides a unique opportunity for strategic thinkers in the copier space. With the demand for printed electronics in a plethora of sectors, from healthcare to automotive to consumer electronics, companies at the helm, like Xerox Corporation, are focusing on key areas: innovation, strategic alliances, and investment in R&D.

Suppliers are pushing the envelope on what’s achievable. Thin Film Electronics ASA, for example, is making waves in smart packaging.

The one area where paper usage is increasing is packaging. Coupled with ‘smart labels’, for example, copier dealerships can leverage innovative breakthroughs in printed electronics to diversify their portfolio and offer customers state-of-the-art solutions, much like production print.

…the partnership between Xerox Corporation and Thin Film. This alliance has enabled Xerox to enter the printed electronics market…

Fagen Wasanni Technologies

Xerox now has a robust offering in the printed electronics arena.

We’ve seen all sorts of false starts when it comes to adopting new technology – 3D printing comes to mind, for one. Printed electronics may not be the next ‘managed print services’, but it is worth keeping in mind, when considering diversifying your portfolio offering.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer