The Copier Dealership’s Odyssey to Managed IT Services: A Fusion of Expertise and Real-World Success


From Paper Jams to Profit Plans: How Copier Dealerships Are Pivoting to Managed IT Services

Executive Summary:

  1. The copier industry is at a pivotal moment, facing the need to evolve into managed IT services or risk becoming obsolete.
  2. Real-world examples like the ProSource and Infitech acquisitions demonstrate the tangible benefits of transitioning from a copier dealership to a managed IT services provider.
  3. Being prepared, understanding client needs, and leveraging a sales-focused approach are key factors for a successful transition, as emphasized by industry experts.

The copier industry, once a linchpin of the business world, is at a crossroads. With the decline in paper usage and the rise of digital solutions, copier dealerships face a stark choice: evolve or fade away. Industry experts like Daniel Gray argue that copier dealers are “naturally positioned” to transition into managed IT services, leveraging their decades-long expertise in network management.

This transition isn’t merely a pivot; it’s an evolution. A compelling real-world example comes from the acquisition of Infitech by ProSource, an Ohio-based office equipment company. This strategic move not only expanded Infitech’s customer base nearly tenfold but also put the company on track for a five-year revenue goal of $15 million. The acquisition underscores the sales-focused expertise that the office equipment industry can bring to managed IT services.

Technibble, another industry authority, emphasizes the importance of preparation and understanding client pain points. The transition offers manifold benefits, from diversifying revenue streams to strengthening client relationships. However, it also presents challenges, such as cost considerations and legal issues, requiring meticulous planning and strategy.

The time for copier dealerships to reinvent themselves started almost a decade ago. But with proper preparation, a deep understanding of client needs, and a sales-focused approach, you can still successfully transition into the booming managed IT services market, ensuring their long-term viability and growth.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer