The Digital Evolution of Office Tech Sales


When the Cubicle Disappears, the Cloud Becomes Your Office.

In a world increasingly embracing remote work, the office technology sector is at a crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked changes that were already in motion, making it clear that flexible work setups are here to stay. This shift has significant implications for digital solutions. As businesses move away from traditional offices, demand for secure and efficient technology is surging. Sales strategies are also evolving, with in-person meetings giving way to virtual consultations and e-signatures. Sales professionals are adapting by mastering online tools like video conferencing and targeted email campaigns.

“The biggest clue that the return-to-office push won’t work, though, is the fact that executives themselves privately predict that remote work will keep increasing.”

Nicholas Bloom, Harvard Business Review:

But it’s not just about technology. The shift toward remote work offers an opportunity to build deeper relationships with clients. A smaller customer base allows for a focus on quality over quantity, forging stronger bonds with existing clients and attracting new ones that align with an evolving business model. The value of remote work to employees is significant, reducing staff turnover and increasing job satisfaction.

So, how can copier dealers adapt to increase revenue? First, diversify the product line to include digital solutions like secure cloud storage and collaboration tools. Second, offer ‘Work From Home’ packages that bundle a copier with tech support and digital services. Third, train sales teams in virtual consultation and remote customer service skills. Finally, consider a subscription model to provide ongoing value and ensure a steady revenue stream.

In this new era, flexibility and adaptability are invaluable. Companies willing to evolve will not just survive but thrive, benefiting from an environment rich in both digital solutions and human connections. The future may be uncertain, but it’s also full of opportunities for those willing to seize them.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer