The Evolution of Office Work: A Double Win for Copier Dealerships


Where the biggest office drama is now WiFi strength, not who stole your lunch.

In an era when the traditional office is becoming a thing of the past, businesses are reimagining their operational models. A recent study by Stanford University’s Nick Bloom highlights this transformation, indicating that the age-old five-day office routine might be on its way out.

Historically, the full-time in-office model was the gold standard. But the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexpected game-changer, pushed organizations to explore work-from-home and hybrid models. The outcome? These new models often outperformed the traditional office setup in terms of productivity and efficiency.

“No rent or mortgage payments. No utility bills. No office maintenance or cleaning costs. No expenditure on office furniture or equipment. It’s like moving from a high-maintenance luxury vehicle to a self-sustaining electric car. “


Now, with work-from-home projected to account for about 25% of workdays, a significant shift from 2019, the landscape of work is undeniably changing. This metamorphosis is not just about the decline of full-time in-office work but also the rise of more adaptable hybrid and fully remote work models.

Here’s where it gets interesting for copier dealerships: the hybrid model, which combines in-person collaboration with remote work benefits, is creating not one, but TWO distinct work environments. Each of these environments demands unique technological solutions. While the location of work is evolving, the need for functionality remains constant. This shift presents a golden opportunity for copier dealers and managed service providers. As businesses save on traditional office costs like rent and furniture, their budgets for top-notch hybrid and in-home technology solutions are likely to expand.

While fully remote work models have their own set of advantages, the real winner here is the hybrid model. It’s not just about cost savings but also about optimizing productivity and tapping into new technological opportunities.

In essence, the future looks bright for copier dealerships and managed service providers. As businesses transition, these providers stand to gain immensely, capitalizing on the needs of both traditional office spaces and remote work environments.

The message is lucid: the office landscape is evolving, and those ready to adapt will not only survive but thrive.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer