The Story of Managed Print Services


Your Heritage: MPS Evolution From The Imaging Channel🚀🎵

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  1. The Evolutionary Leap: Witness the journey of Managed Print Services from device-centric management to the orchestration of document lifecycle in the cloud.
  2. Hybrid Harmony: Explore how the hybrid office reshapes document processes, pushing collaboration beyond traditional boundaries.
  3. Keys to Tomorrow: Uncover the keys to success in the MPS industry—embracing diversification, navigating cybersecurity, and thriving in a digital world.

‘MPS is back, it’s alive, and it still represents an opportunity.’

In the continuing saga of Managed Print Services (MPS), the narrative isn’t birthed from a single “eureka” moment but woven through decades of evolution. A few of the MPS Pioneers, tell the tale, about the MPS journey from tracking print fleets in the 1990s to the inflection point marked by the formation of the MPSA in 2009. 🖨️

David Brown, Senior Product Manager at ACDI, traces the metamorphosis from a device-centric focus to the current landscape where document lifecycle management takes center stage. In a symphony of change, the hybrid office emerges, reshaping document processes and pushing the boundaries of collaboration. Greg Walters echoes the sentiment, noting the shift from a device under a desk to devices scattered across hybrid work environments. The pandemic, an unexpected interlude, propelled companies to reassess processes, realizing the non-essentiality of dedicating substantial resources to print support.

The narrative pivots from documents tethered to printers to the ethereal realms of the cloud. Amy Weiss, chronicling this odyssey in The Imaging Channel, unveils a landscape where collaboration transcends the tangible, and documents exist in a fluid state, edited in the cloud without a physical print. Yet, the role of MPS providers persists, guiding businesses through the labyrinth of digital transformation.

Eric Crump, MPSA President, identifies new opportunities sprouting from this evolution—security, digital transformation, and hybrid work solutions. The symphony crescendos with an acknowledgment of the challenges: talent acquisition, cybersecurity, and the dynamic landscape of a digital world. 🌐

It seems the industry is always at a crossroads.

The keys to success, lie in embracing product and services diversification and staying attuned to technological trends.

The future of MPS beckons, not merely as the curator of copiers but as a conductor in the grand orchestra of office technological innovation. 🖨️📄

MPS, once thought to be fading, resurges—an opportunity alive with promise. 🚀

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Greg Walters, Head Writer