Xerox to Cut 15% of Workforce as Part of Reinvention Initiative πŸ”„


Seeking Alpha reports on Xerox’s announcement to cut 15% of its workforce, a move that’s part of a broader reinvention initiative. This decision reflects the company’s response to the changing landscape of office technology, where digital transformation and the shift to remote work are altering demand for traditional printing and copying solutions. The article discusses the implications for the industry and employees, as well as the strategic direction Xerox is taking to navigate these changes.

After reading this you will know:

  • The details and reasons behind Xerox’s decision to reduce its workforce.
  • The broader context of the office technology industry’s evolution.
  • The strategic implications for Xerox and its approach to future challenges.

This workforce reduction is a necessary step in our journey to build a more focused, efficient, and competitive Xerox.”

πŸ”— Read the full article here

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Greg Walters, Head Writer