Modernizing Print Infrastructure: A Guide for MPS Salespeople ๐Ÿ“š


The re-evaluation, refreshment, and optimization of Managed print Services

Quocirca Enterprises Report, September 19, 2023 – The workplace is undergoing significant shifts, and businesses are urged to re-evaluate their technological infrastructure. Central to this is the role of print infrastructure and its alignment with broader business objectives.

Key Findings and Recommendations for MPS Salespeople:

  • Workplace Dynamics: Businesses are in a phase of technological reassessment. Sales Tip: Emphasize the role of MPS in enhancing workplace efficiency and meeting evolving needs.
  • Office Space Trends: 59% of businesses plan to expand their office spaces, while 26% anticipate a reduction. Sales Tip: Tailor MPS solutions to cater to these diverse space requirements.

“…office footprints are both increasing and decreasing. 59% of businesses expect to increase the amount of space they hold, while 26% anticipate a decrease.>>”


Strategies for Modernizing Print Infrastructure:

  • Hybrid Workforce Support: Offer solutions catering to both home and office environments. Sales Tip: Highlight the benefits of secure print management for a dispersed workforce.
  • Optimizing Technology: A print audit can pinpoint inefficiencies. Sales Tip: Advocate for regular audits to ensure optimal resource allocation.
  • Sustainability Focus: Businesses seek vendors with measurable environmental benefits. Sales Tip: Showcase the green credentials of your MPS solutions.
  • Cloud Transition: Transitioning to cloud MPS leads to cost reductions. Sales Tip: Present clear metrics on cloud transition benefits to potential clients.
  • Print Security: Robust security measures are paramount. Sales Tip: Emphasize the importance of security in today’s digital landscape.
  • Collaboration and Workflow Integration: MPS solutions should integrate with collaboration tools. Sales Tip: Demonstrate how MPS solutions can seamlessly fit into a business’s broader tech ecosystem.


Modern MPS solutions offer businesses numerous advantages. MPS salespeople, armed with the insights from this study, are in a prime position to guide businesses towards efficiency, security, sustainability, and cost-control through tailored print solutions.

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Greg Walters, Head Writer