Xerox’s Steve Bandrowczak – A Lesson for All Copier Dealers


Turning In-House Triumphs into Client Success Stories

Regardless of whether you sell Xerox or not, there’s a heck of a lot to learn from how they’re conducting business these days.

Xerox is setting a powerful example in the tech industry by seamlessly integrating robotics into its daily operations and then leveraging those advancements to its customers’ benefit. Even if Xerox machines aren’t on your sales floor, the strategies the company’s employing can offer some valuable insights for your dealership.

We take those core processes, we take those core robotics that we’ve already built, and we bring it to our clients but more importantly we bring outcomes to our clients…I now can take that and I can help our clients understand what the art of the possible is… it’s a business outcome and they can very clearly see the benefit of it… using those same Solutions so I become the best use case in terms of how you use these technologies and how clients could absorb and use these technologies.

Xerox CEO Steve Bandrowczak

Although the above quote comes from the leader of Xerox, the lesson applies to ALL providers in the Office Technology realm: take what you’ve learned over the years and help prospects solve the same problems you have.

The first trick is to test out innovations on home turf. Xerox used robotics to streamline everything from its order-to-cash operations to its payable and receivable processes. But you’ve got other internal solutions, don’t you? Once you’ve got it nailed down, turn around and offer this to your clients. Now you’re talking about solutions to real-world challenges like invoice processing and resume reviews.

Don’t stop at just offering high-tech solutions. You can bring solid proof to the table, showing how you’ve boosted your own receivables by over 30% with robotics or improved supply chain accuracy by the same margin using AI. Suddenly, you are not just selling technology; you’re bringing tangible, real-world outcomes to your prospects’ doorstep.

How can you miss?

Though the initial downturn in printing demand during the pandemic was a challenge, Xerox saw it as an opportunity to innovate. The company used this time to develop next-generation workplace solutions, including AI and augmented reality. These solutions, initially crafted to address its own internal needs, have now been rolled out to its clients, demonstrating how internal problem-solving can lead to new avenues of growth.

By focusing on solving its own internal challenges and then offering these solutions to clients, Xerox has not only diversified its service portfolio but has also deepened client relationships. This model of turning internal solutions into external offerings could be a successful strategy for copier dealers looking to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving business environment.

The entire interview is compelling and not that heavy on marketing. Give it a listen, here.

Greg Walters, Head Writer