Xerox’s TikTok Tango: Office Tech Giants Shake Things Up With Gen Z 


Millennials and Gen Z, Xerox is about to paper-jam your social media.

Xerox, is reinvigorating its advertising strategies to target the millennial and Gen Z workforce.

This is the company’s largest ad campaign in five years, characterized by a new blend of channels including digital and streaming video, TikTok, and revived out-of-home ads in the New York City metropolitan area. The company aims to bolster brand awareness and expand its audience appeal beyond its historically strong 45 and over demographic, specifically targeting those aged 25 to 44.

Xerox is embracing new platforms like TikTok, alongside traditional digital tactics, in hopes of becoming a regular presence in the media mix for younger audiences. While the investment specifics aren’t provided, it’s clear that Xerox has significantly increased its advertising expenditure. The company spent over $2.5 million in 2022, a substantial increase from the $1.5 million spent in 2021.

The company’s approach aligns with broader industry trends, as brands like Claire’s, Edible Arrangements, and Shutterfly pivot to similar strategies. The focus is on full-funnel marketing, as rapid and easy digital customer acquisition appears to be losing effectiveness.

The early success of Xerox’s initiatives remains unclear, but the firm is confident that its novel and diverse advertising trials will yield valuable insight and new mainstays in its media strategy. The company’s aim is to maintain its relevance amidst emerging competitor brands, with a focus on consistency and a wide-ranging media presence.

– Greg Walters, Head Writer